Our History

Crafted in the bourbon capital of the world, we at Oak & Moore have learned a thing or two about appreciating the luxuriousness of a quality crafted bourbon barrel. The passion in our upbringing brought us ideals of crafting fine things and being genuine enough to make those things last a lifetime. Growing up in the horse capital of the world, Woodford County, we take pride in being an essential stop on the bourbon trail. That pride is infused with everything we do to ensure your satisfaction.

We at Oak & Moore would like to personally thank you for looking at our products and we hope they get the chance to enter your home and invoke the same sense of pride they do in us. All our products are made proudly here in Versailles, Kentucky in our homely workshop. It is our mission to deliver goods that, like the Bluegrass of Kentucky, only get better with age.


The Moore Standard:

Humidity Checks

In order to avoid warping, cracking, and/or product alterations our barrels are dried to 14% humidity and our barrel heads to 9% humidity. This is critical to achieve longevity in our products. 

Quality Sealer/Finish

For long lasting, durable products, we use the best sealer finish on the market. This sealer protects the wood from UV rays and any water it may encounter. Whether you want to enjoy your product inside or outside, our products will hold up.

Sharp Edge Removal

All the edges on our products are beveled to keep your little ones safe. We also do this to adhere to our unique look within the bourbon barrel community.

Removal of Char/Rust

Barrel cooperages char the inside of each bourbon barrel to open the wood to allow the bourbon to extract flavors. To ensure quality products we remove the char from each barrel. We then seal in the remaining black char to keep our customers' hands and homes clean. Rust is a huge concern in regards to the metal bands on bourbon barrels. We ensure that both sides of the bands are de-rusted and that a layer of waterlox is applied to prevent any future rust.

Attention to Detail

All products are crafted with the utmost caution and care, we take pride in our work and refuse to use anything but the best when it comes to screws, brackets and wood. Oak & Moore is a family oriented business that is centered on customer satisfaction and the highest quality products in our field. Our eyes see flaws that others don't and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

Easy Installation

Each barrel head and stave is equipped with the proper hanging hardware to make hanging your product as simple as hanging a painting.

Shipping you can count on

Our small to medium sized products are packaged with your concern in mind. Each box is hand filled and checked by each member of our team to ensure our product makes it to you in the same condition you bought it in.

American Made

It is with great honor that we create all our good here in Versailles, Kentucky. Every fleeting thought to every product finished is done right in our workshop. Every sense of the product is in our hands so that we can assure and guarantee a lifelong product.


We at Oak & Moore cling to the days of old when it comes to timeless designs and artisan craftsmanship. Like the generations of Kentucky craftsmen before us, we put our all into everything in life.


Oak & Moore is run by a tightly knit group of friends and family that have laughed, cried, and bled together over many years. We wouldn’t stand for a workplace without love and we believe that shows in our products. It brings us great pride to know that our family is ever growing with each product we send out.